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Meet the Team

Our Team

HARPER REALTY’s team of three full time agents have a combined experience of over 30 years with a shared passion for offering the most personalized real estate transactions for each and every client. “Our clients goals and needs are at the center of every stage of the real estate process from research, negotiation, contract writing and closing.”

Each agent offers a unique set of qualities and expertise that really give their clients the best of all aspects of buying and selling real estate. We like to say, “Three heads are better than one!”

Terry and Marcia Harper established HARPER REALTY IN 1982. Since that time it has grown by leaps and bounds. Although they no longer actively sell real estate, they continually offer each of their agents a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Nichol Langley is the daughter of Terry and Marcia. “Selling real estate has always been a part of my life! It was our family dinner conversation when I was a child. Although it’s never been a “new” business for me, I love the fast, ever-changing market and the daily challenge of staying current with the what’s new!” Nichol obtained her sales person license in 1999 and her broker’s license in 2002.

Kim Harper, married to Terry and Marcia’s son Chad, is an entrepreneur at heart. Kim has successfully been in the sales business for 20 years and began selling real estate in 2004. Kim’s heart is the reason she still flourishes today. She cares deeply for each of her clients and wholeheartedly works to ensure their success before her own.

Ashley Awbrey joined Harper Realty with her sales person license in 2007 and she’s been a part of the family for the past eight years. Her outgoing, energetic personality is right on track with the fast paced real estate market. She is great at jumping in and getting things moving with a keen eye for what it takes to move real estate!

Our sales team has been recognized as a top producing real estate team for the last 10 years in the West Georgia area and are members of the West Metro Board of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.


Our Mission

Our mission as Realtors is to exceed our clients expectations. We do this by having open and clear communication, by listening intently with open ears, then delivering results. We know our real estate business is not about the real estate transaction itself but about the lives affected by the real estate transactions. Our desire is to always keep those lives as the #1 purpose of everything we do.

We will always be aggressive in our marketing and research so that we can deliver the results our clients desire. We will always be compassionate with the decisions our clients choose. We will always be professional through out each transaction with our fellow realtors and our clients.